Sustainable Dressing Has Never Looked So Good | Nia & Far Now Available on Style Rotate

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Yulia Fomina

The fast changing pace of fashion has always been incredibly exciting but it’s proving to be fundamentally unsustainable. So as a brand we constantly find ourselves looking at the entire model to see how we can affect positive change from a sustainability point of view. Our latest collection, The Pangolin Collection revolves around the idea of championing a particular cause which is a meaningful way in which we believe can start to impact change at all levels. But, we wanted to take it to the next level which is how the amazing partnership with Style Rotate came about.

Style Rotate is a women-founded brand that’s disrupting the fast fashion business model to give women fabulous fashion choices affordably and sustainably. “The future of the fashion industry we love so dearly is in the practice of wearing and loving our clothing for years to come. It’s as simple as that,” explains Natasha Liesner, co-founder of Style Rotate.

“Their ethos matches our approach to design, which is creating clothes that are high quality and that you’ll feel comfortable wearing years from now,” explains Yulia Fomina, the creative mind behind Nia & Far explains. Considering the evolution of the brand from iconic occasion pieces to our more versatile Safari collection, “we still felt that there was space in a woman’s closet for the iconic pieces from our previous collections (even if it’s just temporarily).”

The curation of pieces available on Style Rotate speaks to the post-pandemic hedonism that is to come. No occasion is too inconsequential, and suddenly sparkles will be absolutely necessary for your girl’s night out or even just a romantic dinner for two.

To rent the capsule collection, head to Style Rotate.


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