The past year has changed the status quo as we know it. From virtual dining experiences to digital tours of international museums – we have had to adapt our worlds and also our fashion choices. While it may be fabulous to wear a ball gown to your Zoom call, it simply isn’t practical. So all those stunning pieces we were saving for a special occasion are now sitting unworn, waiting for just the right moment. Luckily the future as we see it includes a new normal where glamour is even more over the top and comfort is non-negotiable.

Since we are living in one of the most unprecedented situations since the early 1900s we have to take a look at history to make any sort of predictions about the future. According to The Economist, the US is already heading into a post-pandemic economic boom with consumer spending up by 10%. Which is always a positive signal that global recovery is afoot but don’t expect the same level of frivolous spending at major fast-fashion retailers.

A snippet of the global themes that will define the future as we know it:

Digital First

The acceleration of mass adoption of e-commerce due to the pandemic means that generally, we have all become far more comfortable doing a larger proportion of our shopping online. While we have been built on being a digital first brand we also believe that there will be a rise in experiential shopping. Forget the fluorescent lights of massive department stores, we see smaller boutiques with extra-attentive customer service, bubbles and interesting installations – which was already started by Louis Vuitton in London with the memorable installation by Sarah Crowner pre-pandemic.

Paring It Back

The whirlwind of keeping up with the seasonal trends and the in-between collections like Resort, Cruise, Pre-Spring and so much more is slowing down. The next wave is more classic design and with the rise of streetwear a full return to the 8 collections a year from the leading designers may fade away forever.

The Hybrid Revolution

Do you remember having to wake up, put on make up and dress up everyday for work? The drudgery of heading into the office five days a week may be gone forever. Tech companies are leading the way in setting the tone for a hybrid work model or even fully remote working. Which means the future of workwear may be fundamentally changed bringing the opportunity for more striking tops with comfortable bottoms, or athleisure that is just formal enough for client calls.

An Appetite for Hedonism

While the roaring ‘20s may be greatly exaggerated there is a marked shift in people’s appetite for entertainment. David Grutman, the famous hospitality entrepreneur, has just opened The Goodtime Hotel in Miami in partnership with R&B Superstar, Pharell Williams. If that isn’t a sign of the good times that are coming, then what is? Steam those cocktails dresses darling, we’ll be toasting to the roaring ‘20s!




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